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Re: Directory browsing prob.

Tom Magyar schrieb:
> I have a link from my webpage (on local intranet) to a directory, to which
> Pi3Web displays it in HTML form (default).
> However, if I change the directory contents (add folder, add a file, etc),
> and then go to the page, it shows the same...doesn't get updated. Even
> hitting refresh on the browser doesn't help. Is there a file somewhere that
> stores this information, that I can delete, so it will rebuild, or what?
> This happens on other peoples computers too, when i make an update, they
> don't get it.
Try Shift key + reload button if you're using netscape, then the browser
cache for this URL is really deleted. However, I can't imitate your problem.
I know from the source code (Pi3Web 1.03), that directory tables aren't cached
by the web-server (If-Modified-Since in http-request is ignored).
Do you use a (local) proxy? Try to exclude all local host names from it
(Configure web browser manual to exclude local names from proxy
configuration). I had a similar problem when I forgot to exclude a virtual
host with CGI programs from my local proxy configuration.

> Thanks,
> Tom

with regards

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