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Re: Directory browsing prob.

If you are explaining what I think you are saying, you are having the 
cache display what you had visited. To clean this up on Netscape 
Navigator v3.01(I believe) In the options menu, open the network 
preferences, then click on Cache tab, there are two buttons present that 
erase the cache, go ahead and do that. Then click OK in the network 
preferences box. This should fix the problem, tell me if this works.

>I have a link from my webpage (on local intranet) to a directory, to 
>Pi3Web displays it in HTML form (default).
>However, if I change the directory contents (add folder, add a file, 
>and then go to the page, it shows the same...doesn't get updated. Even
>hitting refresh on the browser doesn't help. Is there a file somewhere 
>stores this information, that I can delete, so it will rebuild, or 
>This happens on other peoples computers too, when i make an update, 
>don't get it.

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