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Re: Getting publically Known

The short answer is, no.  The reason is because you need to have 2 seprate
DNS.  I'm not sure if there is a requirement that they have different
connections to the backbone.  But even if there isn't, this means you need
2 computers to operate as DNS, with 2 separate dedicated lines.

Anyways, go check out www.internic.net  (not .com).  They are the top level
domain name registration service.

If however you are not heavy on have a top-level name, you could always get
something.ml.org or what have you.

From what I know, there are ISP's, that provide both a top-level name, with
20 megs on their web server for a relatively non-lethal price.  There are
also ISP's where you order a workstation from then, and basically that
workstation becomes your webserver, and the ISP maintains the workstation
for you.  These are generally more expensive but best if you are running a
popular webiste.

There might also be DNS service people / companies out there.  Heck, most
organizations run 2 DNS, I'm not sure why they wouldn't put you on, for a
modest fee.  Heck, if you get cozy with some network engineer from some
company, you never know.  MIT runs atleast 3 DNS, so go figure.