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Re: Dynamic IP Address & Mapping to Other Hard Drives

On Thu, 30 Jul 1998 21:35:28 +0200, zimpel@t-online.de (Holger Zimmermann)

 > ^^^^
 > Welcome in the pi3-users group.

Why, thank you :-)

 > > the 1.0.3 version of PI3 Web Server on my 200Mhz Dell (running Win95 OSR2)
 > > yesterday and it has been running flawlessly ever since. Nice software!
 > > 
 > > I have a Netcom dialup connection, so my IP address changes dynamically. 
 > > PI3
 > > doesn't seem to be able to recognize this and I have to go in and manually
 > > change the Hostname whenever I re-connect. Is there an automated solution 
 > > for this?

 > ^^^^
 > Configure Pi3Web 'Remotly using an IP Address' with the admin GUI and the 
 > rest 
 > is done by the system and the server. I use dynamic IP too and 5 minutes ago 
 > my
 > personal server was hit from the internet with this configuration. (Extra
 > tested it again with a friend and it works).

Well, that's the way I have it configured and it doesn't seem to work (?) Oh,
well, I'll keep fiddling with it and let you know.

 > But another question is unsolved
 > with this: How can other people find your server when they don't know your
 > actual IP address? Recently we had a discussion about this here in the 
 > mailing list and this were the results:
 > - use services who redirect external calls to your dynamic IP i.e.
 >   http://www.ml.org/ml/ or http://www.dynip.com/ ...
 > - publish it on your homepage on the ISP's web server if you have one with
 >   automatic tools.
 > The 1st way is elegant but sometimes slowly 'cause using DNS. The 2nd isn't
 > so elegant but users can see if you're on-/offline at once. But you need a
 > own website for it.
 > I use the 2nd way since I like to be independent and I'm only online for some
 > hours a week. I really don't like to occupy a (real or virtual) domain and
 > then no server is listening on it mostly.
 > You see you've to separate 2 things:
 > - Make the server listening on your dynamic IP (nothing special to do for it)
 > - Let other people know your dynamic IP (You live in a house where address is
 >   changing each time you open the door. Poor postman! ;-)

Yes, I've already addressed the problem with a nice li'l proggie called
"LetTheWorldKnow" It can automatically detect a change in you IP address and
FTP's some HTML-on-the-fly with the new address to another web server. It works
pretty neat, actually.

 > > Also, I can't figure out how to make content available from other hard   
 > > drives.

 > ^^^^
 > Stay in the admin GUI and look at the page 'Mappings'. Here you can configure
 > URL paths and their relation to existing physical paths. If you have (i.e.) a
 > directory E:\MyStuff\ and it should be published as 
 > http://myhost.org/mystuff/
 > then add the following mapping:
 > type: Document
 > from: /mystuff/
 > to:   E:\MyStuff\
 > Then press the 'Add' button and restart the server. Pay attention to the 
 > correct
 > setting of slashes and backslashes in both virtual and physical paths.

 > > Do I HAVE to put everything under the WebRoot, or am I missing something 
 > > here?

 > ^^^^
 > The answer is the above description. But be carefully and don't publish 
 > private
 > stuff. The Webroot is a good place where you can keep survey.
 > I use Pi3Web in the Intranet of our company and I even published documents on
 > different network drives as UNC-paths (i.e. \\server\volume\dir\) and the 
 > drive of our NT box with it.

ahh... I was trying to give access to the entire drive (i.e. D:\ ). I guess I'll
have to put all the sirectories under one big dir. Well, that'll give me
something to do tomorrow.

Thanks for the numerous responses. I did look in the archives. Presumably, it's
been discussed under a different thread. Sorry I didn't look further.

One more question: is there an echo in here? I get two copies of every message
:-) oh well...