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Re: Getting publically Known

If i may ask. Can someone with a dedicated line setup his own dns server? i am only
wondering this becasue i too may get a domain name and i already have a dedicated
line and i don't want to pay my isp any more money then i am already paying (they are
charging robbery already).

Ang-Chih Kao wrote:

> Hey Brian,
>         <lol>  I'm actually helping Holger write an information document on this.
> (speaking of whcih..  I should do some more work on that..)  Anyways, the
> simple answer is if you did want to do that, you should do it with your ISP.
> If you're still ambitious, you need to have your ISP give you a static IP.
> Next, you need to go to a domain name registering service, such as
> InterNIC, and register your domain name.  Next, you have to ask your ISP to
> put your domain name on their 2 independent DNS servers.
> Then you should be all set.
> There's a  99% chance that this is not what you had in mind.  Please read
> Holger Zimmerman's previous email.  He describes various services and
> utilities that you can use.  What I described is only nescessary for people
> getting top-level names, (ie. www.h14me.com vs. h14me.ml.org)