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Re: Getting publically Known

Hey Brian,

	<lol>  I'm actually helping Holger write an information document on this.
(speaking of whcih..  I should do some more work on that..)  Anyways, the
simple answer is if you did want to do that, you should do it with your ISP.

If you're still ambitious, you need to have your ISP give you a static IP.
Next, you need to go to a domain name registering service, such as
InterNIC, and register your domain name.  Next, you have to ask your ISP to
put your domain name on their 2 independent DNS servers.

Then you should be all set.

There's a  99% chance that this is not what you had in mind.  Please read
Holger Zimmerman's previous email.  He describes various services and
utilities that you can use.  What I described is only nescessary for people
getting top-level names, (ie. www.h14me.com vs. h14me.ml.org)