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CGI problems...

In an attempt to be as much of a pain in the backside as possible, I
have another question...
(BTW, thanks for the repleis about the proxy problems - it's working
now.  Although that is only true for either just using local or when I'm
on the net!)
My other problem is:  I am trying to write some C based CGI.  I was
always under the impression that you simple used printf statements to
output the HTML code to the client browser.  But when I try and create
any program, the browser simply sits there waiting for the reply.  The
example code that was supplied with pi3 as examples also have the same
effect when I try and compile them (Borland C++ 3 Compiler).
Why is there nothing coming though?
(Another hint to the problem is that if I double click in Win95 on the
.exe the window stays on the screen when it has finished, unlike the
pre-compiled ones which disappear immediatly.)
I will stop taking you your time now...