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Re: Isapi-question

In general I think you're OK to do this, you can send the client
a ful response while continuing with other processing. It might
be an issue to make sure the data that you write is flushed down
the socket to the browser (as buffering is used by default), not
sure is ISAPI have flushing functionality, if this is a problem
an option could be added to ISAPI20.cpp to allow you to specify
that flushing is done by default.

Hope this helps,
> Hi to all,
> I would like a ISAPI-Module I wrote to:
>  - receive a request
>  - send a response
>  - then continue processing the request
> I would just like to acknowledge the receipt of the request - in casu the
> printing of a report, which takes a little time in processing - and I would
> like to prevent users to keep repeating the request because it takes more
> than two seconds before they get an answer.
> I wonder if there is any chance that the isapi-dll is killed by the server
> because the server has received a response.
> If not, would this be true for any server? Will Windows prevent any dll to
> be killed when it is still processing code?
> Thanks in advance.
> Wigle.