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RE: LocalHost - Offline problem

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> From: Tom Hartland [mailto:tomhart@globalnet.co.uk]
> Sent: zaterdag 27 juni 1998 15:50
> To: Pi3
> Subject: LocalHost - Offline problem
> Greetings,
> I have installed EnhPi3 for Win95 and I have a problem with connecting
> to the sever when I am not logged on to my standard ISP.
> The server is setup as a local server only, and I have tried setting
> different ports, but to no avail.
> The only way that I can connect to it is by going on-line to my isp,
> then trying to connect to http://localhost.  When I come off line, it
> will still connnect, but it won't get there until I first connect.
> I think it might be something to do with NN4 or IE4 trying to find
> http://www.localhost.com, but if it is then I can find no way of forcing
> it to look for http://localhost with out the www and com.
> Hope that makes sense (doesn't to me)..
> Cheers,
> Tom

I used to have a similar problem. I solved it by setting IE4 to connect via
a LAN-connection. View - Internet options - Connection. The downside to this
is that you do not connect automatically when you start your browser. When
you connect in any other way you can surf both the internet and the intranet
at the same time. No need for proxies or anything. When I go online I do
this by starting my mail-reader. After checking for new mail I either cancel
the connection or I switch to my browser.