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G'day John,

The following is an extract from my access.txt p30-nas02.syd.tig.com.au - [28/Jun/1998:09:54:52 +0930] "" 501
0 p30-nas02.syd.tig.com.au - [28/Jun/1998:09:55:03 +0930] "GET
/cgi-bin/phf" 404 581 p30-nas02.syd.tig.com.au - [28/Jun/1998:09:55:08 +0930] "GET
/cgi-bin/test-cgi" 404 591 p30-nas02.syd.tig.com.au - [28/Jun/1998:09:55:13 +0930] "GET
/cgi-bin/handler" 404 589.

The above is just one attempt to access my system, also the Hub Machine of
APANA ( Australian Public Access Network Association ) and those of some of
our fulltime users.

What I'm trying to get at here is, is it possible to separate the above
accesses into an error.log, or create a new log for each day, making it
possible to scan the logs without having to shut down the server to do so.

Michael Doyle
Adelaide, South Australia