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Re: how to setup ActiveState PerlScript on Pi3Web

Toni Harbaugh-Blackford schrieb:
> Folks-
>    The documentation mentions that it is possible to use PerlScript (from
> ActiveState's version of Perl for Win32) with Pi3Web, but I am confused
> about how to set this up.  I've been searching the web for setup documentation
> of any kind (even for IIS), but I haven't found any.  Also, since the setup
> for IIS is somewhat automated, I am not having much success trying to
> transfer this over to Pi3Web 'by hand'.  Could someone give me brief
> instructions or point me to a FAQ which describes what to do?
> Thank you for your consideration.
> Toni Harbaugh-Blackford
> harbaugh@ncifcrf.gov

it's easy to run Perl scripts within PI3 but you've to disregard some

- Make sure, that perl.exe (the perl interpreter's executable) is in
your search path.
- Notice, that the extension for perl scripts is by default *.pl
- If you want to change this or to run perl without a search path entry
follow this steps:

   0. shut down pi3 server
   1. Change to your PI3WEB directory 
   2. Enter the CONF directory 
   3. Open file CONFIG.PI3 
   4. find line CommandLineByExt .pl="perl %p%q" 
   5. add a line/modify this line to CommandLineByExt
.cgi="c:\\perl32\\bin\\perl.exe %p%q"
   6. save your changes

Hope this helps.
with regards Holger Zimmermann