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Re: Perl Problems

Kashyap Software Solutions schrieb:
> I dont know what this means :
> >You need to be online to access your server, because you can't surf
> your
> >pages thru the server without being online. (Did that make sense?) You
> >can browse your site by accessing whatever files you have on your
> >computer (ie c:\whatever), but the server software will have nothing to
> >do with that.
> But however I solved my own problem by installing Netscape Navigator
> 4.04 and keeping IE4 as the default browser.  I use IE4 to browse the
> net and Netscape to browse my localhost. (For the net IE4 is better any
> day!!! This is not the issue here.) I have defined "http://localhost/"
> as the default page in Netscape preferences.
> My other problem was to make perl work with PI3Web Server. So following
> these instructions from an another e-mail :
>  >>        1) make sure the path to Perl.exe is in the PATH environment
> >>        variable. A good way to test this is to invoke the bundled
> >>        viewenv.exe program. If you bring up a dos box and type
> >>        'perl c:\cgi-bin\acboard.pl' this emulates what the server
> does
> >>        (note this is different from 'c:\cgi-bin\acboard.pl' which
> makes
> >>        windows use the .pl to find the appropriate program).>>
> >>        2) Open the file Conf\Config.pi3 and go down to the section
> >>        ...>>        <Object>>>                Name StandardCGI>>
> ...
> >>        Theres a bunch of options there to customize exactly how CGI's
> >>        are started. Find the line
> >>                CommandLineByExt .pl="perl %p%q"
> >>        Remove this line, save the file, stop and start the server to
> cause
> >>        Pi3 to start CGI's with .pl extensions like all others
> allowing
> >>        windows to figure out how to exec file script using its
> >>associations,>>        lots of web servers do this.>>
> >>        3) Explicity point to your perl interpreter, same as above but
> >>        change>>                CommandLineByExt .pl="perl %p%q">>
> to
> >>                CommandLineByExt .pl="c:\\perl\\bin\\perl.exe %p%q"
> >>        Where 'c:\perl\bin\perl.exe' is the full path to your perl
> >>interpreter>>
> I tried these instructions and ran viewenv from the dos prompt and
> encountered a GPF with the following message :
> VIEWENV caused an invalid page fault in
> module VIEWENV.EXE at 0137:004015fa.
> Registers:
> EAX=00000000 CS=0137 EIP=004015fa EFLGS=00010246
> EBX=00530000 SS=013f ESP=0063fdcc EBP=0063fdf8
> ECX=00000000 DS=013f ESI=815d2d2c FS=4417
> EDX=00409442 ES=013f EDI=00000000 GS=0000
> Bytes at CS:EIP:
> 8a 0f 8a 04 4a 83 e0 08 85 c0 74 03 47 eb cf 33
> Stack dump:
> 815b7920 815d2d2c 0063fdf8 00530000 0040167a 00000000 00401123 00000000
> 00000000 00000000 815b7920 0063fe38 004017e3 00000001 00760310 00760340.
> Still I have not been able to use perl. Can anybody help me?
The problem is, what I'd said in the last mail, you can't start
viewenv.exe direct from the DOS prompt. (Normally the programm
should print HTML source code starting with a line like:
Content-Type: text/html ... - it's a little bit buggy ??).
If you have Netscape meanwhile - try
http://localhost/cgi-bin/viewenv.exe. This should work.

Some further explanations: viewenv.exe is a compiled c-programm
working similiar like a perl script. But it isn't a perl script.

How to setup the perl inerpreter:

- Make sure, that perl.exe (the perl interpreter's executable) is in
  your search path.
- Notice, that the extension for perl scripts is by default *.pl
- If you want to change this or to run perl without a search path entry
  follow this steps:

   0. shut down pi3 server
   1. Change to your PI3WEB directory 
   2. Enter the CONF directory 
   3. Open file CONFIG.PI3 
   4. find line CommandLineByExt .pl="perl %p%q" 
   5. add a line/modify this line to
         CommandLineByExt .cgi="c:\\perl32\\bin\\perl.exe %p%q"
   6. save your changes

The above modifications are an example if your perl interpreter is
at c:\perl32\bin\perl.exe and you want to run scripts with the extension
*.CGI with perl.

I've added a small perl script named GETENV.PL that makes the same
things like
VIEWENV.EXE but you need perl to run it.

Hope this helps.

> Some other details you might be interested in :
> I use
> Win95 4.00.950 B
> IE4
> I use Perl 5.03.
> Nilesh Singit
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