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Re: Unidentified subject!

Kashyap Software Solutions schrieb:
> I am getting a GPF when I run viewenv.exe bundled with pi3web. I use
> Win95 4.00.950 B and IE4  I use Perl 5.03.
> VIEWENV caused an invalid page fault in
> module VIEWENV.EXE at 0137:004015fa.
> Registers:
> EAX=00000000 CS=0137 EIP=004015fa EFLGS=00010246
> EBX=00530000 SS=013f ESP=0063fdcc EBP=0063fdf8
> ECX=00000000 DS=013f ESI=8159c808 FS=30df
> EDX=00409442 ES=013f EDI=00000000 GS=0000
> Bytes at CS:EIP:
> 8a 0f 8a 04 4a 83 e0 08 85 c0 74 03 47 eb cf 33
> Stack dump:
> 815a6040 8159c808 0063fdf8 00530000 0040167a 00000000 00401123 00000000
> 00000000 00000000 815a6040 0063fe38 004017e3 00000001 007602f0 00760320
> Also I can never access PI3WEB home page with iexplorer as I always get
> the connect dialog box. On selecting connect windows starts to dial and
> on selecting stay offline it shows the message "Unable to retrieve
> Webpage in Offline mode"
> Nilesh Singit
> NileshSingit@hotmail.com
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I use NS 4.03a but I think it's the same thing with MSIE. To browse
web pages (use http protocol) the browser must be in online mode,
but it is not required to have a RAS connection. In all cases you can
access your local PI3 server under URL http://localhost/.
In MSIE 3.0 you can select if you want to dial in under 
view|options|connection|parameters (Sorry, I've the German version,
menu labels could be different). If you disable dialing you can use
the browser for intranet or fixed internet connections.

The problem with viewenv.exe I can't explain. I'm sure it's not a
perl problem because the viewenv.exe is a compiled executable and
not a perl script. However, it works with NS 4.03a under Win95 B.
But I get a GPF if I run viewenv.exe directly (not from browser
with http://localhost/cgi-bin/viewenv.exe but from the Windows
desktop or command line).

With regards
Holger Zimmermann