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Re: Setting DNS from a windows NT machine

As some people have already noted this is a 2 step process:
- Configure the NT machine to be accessible to TCP/IP via a hostname
on the LAN. This involves NT TCP/IP configuration, WIN servers, DNS
servers, etc. etc. etc., not really web server specific. A number of
people just gave lots of tidbits on this configuration.

- Configure the web server so it knows that it is being address by a 
hostname. This is really subtle and you can get away without doing this.
Its really only important the web server needs to issue an HTTP redirect
(for example if you request a directory without the trailing '/' the
webserver will issue a redirect to correct this), CGI programs
which use the 'Location' header also cause the server to redirect. If
the server has the wrong hostname it will redirect to the wrong computer
(sometimes this is desired behaviour). In any case server hostname
can be updates with the 'General' settings in the GUI (set to
'Remotely using a hostname' and then enter hostname).

Hope this helps,

> I am setting up a intranet web server at MCI.  I am using Pi3Web as
> the server on an NT box. I am also the server administrator on the
> NT so I should have all permissions needed to change stuff.
> I want to change the name of the website
> to something a bit more descriptive than the IP address.  Does anyone
> know what file(s) I must modify to do this?
> regards,
> clark cashman