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Places to announce Pi3Web/1.0.1


Now that 1.0.1 version of the Pi3Web server has been out for a month
or so with no major bugs reported I want to announce it to as large a
group as possible. To that end I'd like to ask for suggestions.

Pi3Web was initially developed as a quality open-source based web
server that was highly flexible and configurable. It was built to be
a true cross platform high end web server solution at a time when 
the Apache server was a very UNIX centric server. Initially released
as version 0.9b1 in September 1997, its release has been low key as 
bugs and issues were resolved. 

If you know of usenet groups or mailing list forums where information
on the release of this product would be appropriate and relevant then
I'd appreciate you passing that on to me - No need to reply to the
whole list - . 

If you know of news agencies, technical journals specifically 
e-mail addresses for press releases, then I'd also appreciate you
passing that along.

Thanks, and thanks to all who helped in the testing and debugging
of this product.