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Re: geting started

Wolf Benzinger schrieb:
> Hello my hopeful fewllow pi3-users
> I am very new to this and would like any and all help I can get on the
> making of this server work. The first thing i need to know is after I create
> a initial web page how do i set it in place so others will have access to my
> server and as well setting up a file listing to other that they can access
> them Im not to good at understanding all this lingo and as I said I am very
> new to this . So, if anyone can help please let me know
>                         Thank You All
>                     Wolf benzinger

Hello Wolf,

I think we could have a better talk in German but I want to publish
this mail to the pi3-users. My name is Holger and I come from Germany.
I use the pi3 server since my 2nd day using the internet and I
made some interesting things with this nice piece of software.
In the beginning I tried out some things (CGI) offline with the server
because online tests weren't possible/were too expensive. Meanwhile I
want to realize some other (programaming) stuff with the server.
Ok, enough about me - you want to set up some things on the server.
You must fulfill some preferences to realize what you want:

-Write your own homepage in HTML (use a HTML Editor)
-Generate links to the files you want to publish for downloading
-Start the server and connect your computer to the internet.
-Everybody can see your site at his web browser - if he knows the
 address of your host. This is a problem because many ISP's (providers)
 generate a dynamic IP address for you. This address changes every time
 you are connected to the internet. There are many tools to publish
 your actual private IP address (via e-mail or in your homepage at your 
ISP's host, if you have one)
-If you have a fixed IP address you are lucky - you can register a own
 domain name for this address (i.e. wolfbenzinger.de) too. Getting a
 fixed address or domain name registration is a task for your ISP and
 you have to pay some money for it. It is also possible you are working
 in a LAN or intranet-environment with a permanent connection to the
 web - you can use an IP address of your workstation - ask your admini-
 strator. But there are some security issues you should know ...
 But this is too much for today.

 By the way - my private solution should work like this:

 I use my small (and free) homepage hosted by my ISP day and night
 to publish and refresh my private IP-address automatic.
 If I am online the people I like could access to this page and surf
 to my private server. Its too expensive for me to be connected 24 hours
 or to get a own domain name at this time.

 Enough for today
 If you have any questions contact me again

 my homepage URL: http://home.t-online.de/home/zimpel@t-online.de

 There are some usefull informations about my homepage-project on the
 last page (only true in Germany).