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Re: Setting DNS from a windows NT machine

Clark Cashman schrieb:
> I am setting up a intranet web server at MCI.  I am using Pi3Web as
> the server on an NT box. I am also the server administrator on the
> NT so I should have all permissions needed to change stuff.
> I want to change the name of the website
> to something a bit more descriptive than the IP address.  Does anyone
> know what file(s) I must modify to do this?
> regards,
> clark cashman


you have to change or create a file named "hosts" in the workstation's
\WINDOWS directory (if you are using Windows?!). Insert a line:

xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx       myhostname

(Replace xxx by the server's network IP address and myhostname by the
name of your host)

Setup Pi3 to use also this IP address.

Make a copy of the hosts file or corresponding changes on every

The second way (I think the better way, but I never tried it out)
Set up the DNS-service on your NT-server and all your workstations
to use the DNS-resolution by the server.

The background is - the workstation looks up a host's IP address
in the hosts file and then the workstation try to resolve the hostname
by a DNS-server. This DNS-server could even be a web server if you are
online, but only registered domain names could be resolved on this

I hope this informations are usefull -
Good bye, Holger Zimmermann (Zimpel)