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Re: Multiple Domains

David Sudarma schrieb:
> Need help setting up more than one domain name on my Pi3 webserver.
> I don't know which files to modify. I also have no ability to program.
> Please
> help me....... Thank you


Your problem - you want to configure some home-directories for users on
your server, thus other people have access to the web-sites of these
users by a URL like this:


Is this your problem? Then I can help:

Shut down the Pi3 server.

Edit the file "CONFIG.PI3" in your server's .\CONF directory:
Search the lines 

# Mapping UserDirectory UserDirectoryRoot="/home/" \
# HTMLDirectory="/public_html"

These lines are comments - delete the # character.

Change the string UserDirectoryRoot="... into
UserDirectoryRoot="../home/" if you want to create the home directories
below the server's main directory or leave it as it is if you want to
create the home directories in the root of your drive.

Create the home directories i.e.: /home/username/public_html
either in your server directory or in the root of your drive
corresponding to your changes in the configuration of the server.

Create a file index.htm in one of the home/username/public_html
directories. Start your www-browser at your local machine during pi3 is
running and enter the URL:

HTTP://localhost/~username/           (don't forget the "~" tilda)

If everything is done correct you will see the contents of the index.htm
file. That's all.

Hope this is your solution

With greetings from Germany
Holger Zimmermann (Zimpel)