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CGI-directory question


    I have tested Pi3Web and found it pretty good! But I didn't find any
information about such thing: How can I map directory for CGI execution from
within other directory? (for example I want to map user's directory to
"c:\user" and want to let him execute Perl's CGI form directory
"c:\user\cgi-bin" just by reffering to it with "cgi-bin/script.cgi") Each
time I try to run script from virtual directiry such as
"www.host.com/user/cgi-bin" server returns programm code to browser.

    And another question:
    My previous web-server was MS IIS 2.0 that was supplyed with NT 4.0
distributive. I had a search script in there for searching my database. I
use to send to him request with a string like:
"www.host.com/cgi-bin/search.cgi?firm" where word "firm" was replaced with
name of firm in russian language. Everything worked properly until I
installed Pi3Web server that doesn't support any language but english (I
belive). How can I send requests with russian symbols?

    Best regards

    Roman Boyarchouk
    e-mail: roman@panorama.com.ua