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Re: Running CGI script as a different User?

John schrieb:
> Hi,
Hi John,
> I'll like to know whether it is possible for the web server to let me grant
> *limited* access for my users who wants to run cgi-bin or win-cgi
> executable programs.
> For example, if I grant them a cgi-bin directory:
>   c:/website/users/mary/cgi-bin
The mapping to user directories is a common task that you can solve with the
admin-dialog, page-register 'Mappings'. Rights you can grant with 'Realms'
for all mapped directories.

> I only want to allow Mary to be able to read/write anything in her own
> directory... her CGI executable cannot do anything such as format
> hard-disk, read/write *outside* her directory (but can create/write her own
> And of course, John would need to have cgi-bin
>   c:/website/users/john/cgi-bin
> whereby he only have rights to c:/website/users/john/cgi-bin and cannot
> read/write any other directories.
There's a (user) website remote administration tool called 'kiev' for
pi3web. With it you can do what you want with HTTP too. But the tool is
in an early alpha stadium. You can download it from 


Another common way to maintain web contents is the usage of telnet or ftp.

The 3rd way ist the usage of a browser (client) and a web server with
upload ability for http. Netscape does it in two way: Upload files through menu
commands and with upload forms. For Pi3Web you need some configuration changes
to do it. I implemented both ways with Netscape and Pi3Web and it worked fine.

If you've further questions contact me again.
> The reason is that other users are running a database cgi in other
> directories, and I don't want users Mary or John to be able to snipe these
> users' databases away.
> I think the crux of this issue is whether Pi3 can execute CGI (cgi-bin,
> win-cgi or ISAPI, NSAPI scripts) as OTHER USERS other than the user in
> which Pi3 is started as.  Is that correct?
> This is the most important consideration for a buying decision.  I've tried
> other web servers but they cannot do the above.
> A bonus would be able to limit her CPU usage/hard-disk usage.... etc.  Is
> this possible?
> thanks,
> John

with regards

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