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Running CGI script as a different User?


I'll like to know whether it is possible for the web server to let me grant
*limited* access for my users who wants to run cgi-bin or win-cgi
executable programs.

For example, if I grant them a cgi-bin directory:


I only want to allow Mary to be able to read/write anything in her own
directory... her CGI executable cannot do anything such as format
hard-disk, read/write *outside* her directory (but can create/write her own

And of course, John would need to have cgi-bin


whereby he only have rights to c:/website/users/john/cgi-bin and cannot
read/write any other directories.

The reason is that other users are running a database cgi in other
directories, and I don't want users Mary or John to be able to snipe these
users' databases away.

I think the crux of this issue is whether Pi3 can execute CGI (cgi-bin,
win-cgi or ISAPI, NSAPI scripts) as OTHER USERS other than the user in
which Pi3 is started as.  Is that correct?

This is the most important consideration for a buying decision.  I've tried
other web servers but they cannot do the above.

A bonus would be able to limit her CPU usage/hard-disk usage.... etc.  Is
this possible?