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Re: About a Config file on a UNIX server


So, why not just create a CGI that takes the form input (since you do need
a CGI to do this, anyways) that justs adds that line in?  For most standard
password files, the password is encrypted using Base64, atleast Pi3 is.
And I think the Linux password files are also.

Is that your question?  Or are you asking whether or not such a cgi exists?
 I'm sure one exists. But it might be easier to just write your own
(probably fastest with perl).

At 12:13 PM 10/28/98 -0800, Brian Loss wrote:
>THIS IS NOT RELATED TO THE PI3WEB SERVER, but I have a profile on a unix 
>server that has a basic user authentication thing that could be used. I 
>used it perfectly, but I would like to have a cgi script that could add 
>a username and an encrypt a password for the .NSCONFIG file.
>In terms: If someone would like to visit my site(that included CGI 
>capabilitys) and someone would like to join my site, by a 
>membership(free) they fillout a form, then they have access to your 
>protected items.
>example of a password file:
>brian:(encryped password)
>     ^----- Seperator
>My site is at: http://www.come.to/h14me
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