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Re: www.johnroy.com is online again!

Phillip Fox schrieb:
> Now that johnroy is online again, I thought I should get my sever back on
> line. I originally had the server installed on Win95, now I am on NT4.
> I am having a problem getting the mappings to work. Does every directory
> needs to be mapped, and if so does this include sub directories? Could
each server directory with web contents has to be mapped - corresponding to
the contents with the Documents, CGI or ISAPI types. The part of the URL-path
following to the mapped part is interpreted as subdirectory of the mapped
physical directory. I.e. map /Webroot/ to C:\Pi3Web\Webroot. Now an URL
/public/image.gif is translated into C:\Pi3Web\Webroot\public\image.gif.

You can break this rule if you make an extra mapping for an subdirectory before
you map the parent directory. In this more complicated case you can have
another physical directory structure on harddisk than your logical website
directory structure.

Another exception is an URL that calls a CGI-program with a filename as
parameter i.e. '/cgi-bin/process.pl/usr/local/text.txt'. Now the program
'process.pl' in the directory mapped from '/cgi-bin/' processes the file

> somebody point me to the proper documentation?
The Pi3Web sample website (you could take it as tutorial for this) and all
other sites (documentation - look at http://server_name/pidocs/ - aahhh!)
use the URL '/icons/' for images. Icons isn't in the webroot so it has an
extra mapping.

> http://phill.theworxco.net/index.html is my home page, it has a image that
> is located in a folder called images, yet it does not show up. I went to the
So if you make images a subdirectory of Webroot (if it isn't yet) and change
the URL of the image in your website source

<img src="images\phillip_fox_freehand.gif" ...


<img src="/images/phillip_fox_freehand.gif" ...

I hope it works fine then.

> list archive, but could not find a relevant post, if I may make a
> request/suggestion, a search feature would help because I feel certain that
> this has been covered before.
This is noted down.

> Thanks for the help,
> Phill Fox
> phill@theworxco.net

with regards

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