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Re: Help!!

Ryan Colosimo schrieb:
> Dear Pi3,

>     I have a question. Can I create addresses like http://www.download.com
You personal can create such domain names only in a local network (or on your
standalone computer) except you operate a name server. Since the domain names
must well-known for all internet users there are domain name servers and an
internet organization called 'internic' who is distributing and supervising
the unique domain names. So this is more a question of network administration
or internet domain registration.

> or not, if I can, how? How do I create multiple IP address virtual hosting
If you want local domain names then call me back. If you want an internet 
domain surf to www.internic.net for further information.

> ( Thank you.
You can create a virtual IP host for each IP with Pi3Web, but I'm not sure if
this is the proper way.

> Ryan Colosimo
>   Ryan Robert Colosimo <Sandman407@email.msn.com>
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with regards

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