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Re: Maxximun number of users

This is an interesting question and one worth a little pondering..,
very similar to issues that come up again and again with folks who
run multiple https (secure) websites on the one server but want each site
to have a different server cert. Here are the two unavoidable facts
which limit your options regardless of whichever webserver you use:

- You cannot determine which IP address a client has choosen to
connect on until you have accepted the connection (there is a 
possible exception to this which I am willing to bet no webserver
has implemented). Since the corollary is that you cannot tell the
local IP until after accept() there is no way (note my exception)
that you can specifically delay or deny a specific local IP, as you
won't have that information until after you've accepted the connection.

- The above is the best case scenario, in the case where you're using Non-IP
virtual hosting you can't determine the local website until well after
most of the request has been processed, so its even more difficult
to do what you want to do.

This doesn't mean you can't slow certain websites down, and I
think you could probably do that quite easily with Pi3Web, but you
can't really 'deny' connections. 

The short answer is that this is a chicken and egg problem.


> Hello,
>      I am using pi3 as the webserver with my isp i am building. My
> clients will have personal homepages. I want to limit the amout of
> connections to their homepages to keep them from having too people
> viewing their dir at once. My question How do i?