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CGI again


I have qa question regarding running CGI perl scripts from user's home
directory. My scripts work fine, when I run them from c:\Pi3Web\Cgi-Bin,
but they wouldn't work, when I run them from
c:\home\user\public_html\cgi-bin. I get the error message:

501 Not implemented
The requested method has been been implemented on this server.

Examples can be found at:
    http://f9pc25.ijs.si/~mali/gb.html    (runs script from Pi3Web's
    http://f9pc25.ijs.si/~mali/gb_at_home.html    (runs script from
~/mali/cgi-bin directory)

Any ideas how to fix it or can it be fixed at all?


Tadej MALI                              room: C78a
Jozef Stefan Institute                   tel: + 386 61 177 38 32
Jamova 39                                fax: + 386 61 125 70 74
1000 Ljubljana                           www:

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