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Re: Maxximun number of users

Mike Camino schrieb:
> Hello,
Hello Mike,
First of all I apologize for not answering your last mail. I was on 
vacation to my brothers wedding and didn't have much time.

>      I am using pi3 as the webserver with my isp i am building. My
> clients will have personal homepages. I want to limit the amout of
> connections to their homepages to keep them from having too people
> viewing their dir at once. My question How do i?
Some facts I have at hand -

Pi3web has a thread limit in it's configuration

	Name ThreadPoolDispatcher
	Class MultiThreadedIOServerClass
	MaxThreads 20

MaxThreads (from http://localhost/pidocs/Objects/Server.html):

"Specifies the maximum number of threads to use to concurrently handle
IO requests. While no more threads are availablable to new IO requests
will be accepted. This number should be between 1 and 1000."

Another aspect is the thread limitation for windows systems. Here's an
excerpt from the Delphi 3 help:

"In the following you'll find some aspects for the usage of threads to
pay attention to: The coordination of to many threads consumes considerable
CPU time. At an one-processor-system is 16 threads a practical upper limit."

Pi3Web hasn't an explicit mechanism to do what you want (so far I know).
- You can use the above global thread limitation.
- You can write code for it with one of the server extensions (CGI, ISAPI,
  Pi3Perl, Pi3API). Since your code would be often called and is therefore
  very time critical you should use the fastest API. 

with regards

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