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RE: Dynamic IP address support...

No problems dynamic IP addresses yet and Iv been using it for about 4 months, just use NON IP VIRTUAL HOST and put in your web address, If your looking for a free service(not a 30 day trial) goto http://www.ml.org/ml/ they offer free hostnames to machines that have dynamically changing IP addresses, no strings attached, been using that for about 8 months and PI3 configures just fine with no need to change your info each time your IP changes


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Subject: Dynamic IP address support...

Hey there everyone...
    I looked around through the back-mailing list, and didn't see anything that addresses this topic, so here I am. Anyways, a lot of people out there have ISP's that use dynamic IP addresses. Being that pi3web doens't exactly support this, is there anything around this issue? It can be used, but the user's IP address needs to be entered into the hostname field everytime the user log onto the ISP. (even more frequently if the IP changes while connected) FYI-I'm running the '95 version, and know that there's probably a work-around for the Linux version. Anyone out there have any suggestions?
Thanks, preciate it.