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Re: Dynamic IP address support...

> SRT schrieb:
> No problems dynamic IP addresses yet and Iv been using it for about 4 months,
> just use NON IP VIRTUAL HOST and put in your web address, If your looking for
Hi, made some inquiry for another e-mail and found some possible misunder-
standings here. Hope I can help to correct, sorry that I write this only now.

The non IP virtual host isn't the reason that dynamic IP works with Pi3Web.
However it works without any additional configuration if you use the 'Remotly 
using an IP address' setting. Why?

- A Non IP host uses a registered hostname and normally it is registered
  with an entry in c:\windows\hosts for local DNS. Nobody will know this
  hostname in the internet then except it is a registered internet domain.
  But common a domain name has a related fixed IP so you cannot use this name
  to redirect calls to your dynamic IP. exact this gap is closed by the hosts
  who redirect your dynamic IP to a fixed or opposite.

What can I do with a Non IP virtual host?

- Host multiple domains on a personal/intranet/internet server. (I configured
  intranet domains i.e. for all users and I use virtual hosts to separate
  web projects for testing on a local machine (i.e. to use http://guestbook/
  instead of http://localhost/cgi-bin/guestbook.pl)

If you have questions or I'm wrong pse. call me back.

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with regards

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