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Re: Dynamic IP address support...

At 03:04 PM 7/21/98 -0400, you wrote: 
> Hey there everyone...
>     I looked around through the back-mailing list, and didn't see anything
> that addresses this topic, so here I am. Anyways, a lot of people out there
> have ISP's that use dynamic IP addresses. Being that pi3web doens't exactly
> support this, is there anything around this issue? It can be used, but the
> user's IP address needs to be entered into the hostname field everytime the
> user log onto the ISP. (even more frequently if the IP changes while
> connected) FYI-I'm running the '95 version, and know that there's probably a
> work-around for the Linux version. Anyone out there have any suggestions?
> Thanks, preciate it.
> -Jamie

Hiya Jamie,

 Wow!  Someone who actually looked through the mailing list!  I applaud you. 
<lol>   Umm, I don't forsee any problem with just using any one IP address for
the web server.  I believe the address is actually only used in redirects.
I have no idea when redirects are used.  So, basically, I believe it should
work, even if the incorrect IP is present.