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Re: CGI Mapping

>Please stay. But if cross-development is your hardest problem, there is an
>Apache for Windows NT/95 1.3b6 (Beta) release announced on www.apache.org.
>I read an article in our c't magazine about it and could tell you the facts
>on demand.

Oh, I will stay. No doubt. I can't turn down this group. I will try Apache,
I think. I am also looking at the Sambar server. pi3 isn't going to be
uninstalled anytime soon, it will just be turned off while i run something
else for another project (a few weeks).

>> John? Is there any way to have both CGI and HTML served up in one
>Hi, I think it's possible but I need some time to test my idea. The problem
>I've to go to work now. Could you wait until this evening please?

I can wait longer than that.

>However, the placement of CGI-programs and web sites in one directory isn't
>my personal favourite (transparency, security - user often has more rights
>HTML dirs than in CGI dirs).

I trust the chmod/Unix security that my server uses. The pi3 server is for

>My approach is to make conditional mappings for the same directory in
>dependence on the file extension. This could work for several directories.
>The common way how the url is handled is the choise of the mapper class
>(CGIMapper or PathMapper an then the mime type of the file.)
>I made some stuff to show /cgi-bin/ as directory and to execute the
>by click on it. (Remember?)

I do remember, and I was very impressed. I am willing to go in and meddle
with my config file, and even have the underlying PERL to edit it with an
HTML form (originally to change index.shtml settings). If you figure out a
way to edit the config file to do this, I'll make a perl script to do it
automatically, to run after the GUI rewrites it.

I hope my original post wasn't angry or threatening - I only wanted my
position understood. Thanks,

Nathan R Heagy
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