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Re: CGI Mapping

Thanks for the suggestion, Holger, but it isn't working on my sytem. I moved
a cgi, whatsnew.cgi, to a document directory, localhost/heagy/, and when I
tried to run the cgi netscape asks me to tell it where to download
whatsnew.exe. What have I done wrong?

Thanks for any (more) suggestions.
Nathan R Heagy
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-----Original Message-----
From: Holger Zimmermann <zimpel@t-online.de>
To: Nathan R Heagy <nheagy@cintek.com>
Cc: pi3 users <pi3-users@johnroy.com>
Date: July 18, 1998 12:31 AM
Subject: Re: CGI Mapping

>Nathan R Heagy schrieb:
>> I have been using pi3 for quite a while and have really, really enjoyed
>> Of all the servers I have used, it is my favorite. However, I use it for
>> testing CGI applications before I upload them to my Apache-running web
>> server. Unfortunately, my current, large, application needs to be able to
>> run PERL scripts and HTML in the same directory, like Apache can, so I am
>> forced to search for a new solution, which means a new web server.
>> John? Is there any way to have both CGI and HTML served up in one
>> Frankly, whatever the mapping, both need to know extensions to do
>> right, so I don't know why I can't just have .cgi be scripts, but I
>> Thanks for any help.
>> Nathan R Heagy
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>> http://heagy.com
>^^^^^ Hi,
>Here's the solution (one variant):
>You've only to change Config.Pi3 in the following way:
>1.) Default handler
>Search for
> Handle Condition="&and(&not(&dblookup(response,string,ObjectMap)),\
>&not(&regexp('internal/*',$c)))" SendFile
>Insert the following line before it
> Handle CGIScripts
>2.) Insert a new handler object named 'CGIScripts'
> Name CGIScripts
> Class FlexibleHandlerClass
> Condition Condition="&regexp('text/x-perl',$c)"
> CheckPath RefuseFileByMask AllowFileMask="EFD" RefuseStatus=404
> CheckPath RefuseFileByMask AllowFileMask="F" RefuseStatus=403
> CheckPath ReturnCode ReturnCode=COMPLETED
> CheckAccess AccessByFile RequirePermissions="X"
> CheckType ReturnCode ReturnCode=COMPLETED
> Handle StandardCGI
>The 'CGIScripts' handler is exactly the same as the 'Scripts'
>handler for Standard CGI except of the condition. It works with requests
>redirected to the path mapper when the mime type is 'text/x-perl'.
>With this configuration every .pl or .cgi file is executed when it is
>handled by the default handler (With other words - if the request was
>dispatched to the PathMapper).
>For a production server there's to be done some more distinction -
>where is a download area and where an area for execution?
>It is possible to extend the handler for other mime types too.
>You can also change it in a way that the condition is the file extension
>from the requested resource since some mime-types are for multiple
>and not all of them are executables (i.e. .exe and
>Hope this helps, it works good on my system.
>with regards
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