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Re: PI3's features

>On Mon, 13 Jul 1998, Holger Zimmermann wrote:
>> >  1) Does it supports SSL?
>> ^^^^
>> Not at this time, under development.
> What approximate terms until finish you think?

The integration of SSLeay with Pi3Web has been fully completed and
tested, however my version cannot be released for legal reasons
(US export laws - it was development in the US). At some point 
I hope that someone outside the US will write the code to integrate
Pi3Web with SSL, but I cannot make my version available.

>> >  2) Does it supports HTTP Auth?
>> ^^^^
>> Yes
> Because there isn't embedded scripts - can I control HTTP Auth from
>external CGI? Does Pi3Web has such feature?
Pi3Web supports an API for easy addition of external libraries and
script engines, as noted above SSLeay can be integrated for HTTPS, also
Pi3Perl has just been released to the development area


It is an embedded perl interpreter (just like mod_perl for Apache),  
it includes an example of an embedded perl script for custom HTTP basic
authentication - this is what you are looking for I believe.

>> >  4) Does it has embedded language (like PHP3 as Apache's module?) If so,
>> ^^^^
>> The Pi3Perl embedded script language is under development too.
As mentioned above. I don't believe there is also an EMBEDDED version
of php3, this should not be difficult to do however. Note that php3 is
fully supported for CGI interfaces.

> And what terms of finishing this work? What features will be in this
>language? Can you give a list of them?
Released as alpha. Get the package and review it.

>> You can use Perl 5 (Win32) for the above things too. (www.activestate.com)
> I can use PHP as external CGI - but this is slow way :( I'm searching for
>platform, which works under Windows and has the same perfomance and features
>as Apache/PHP under Unix (I have a lots of experience with this pair, but
>under Windows they can't be used in such way).
I believe Pi3Perl addresses this.

> BTW can anybody help to solve the problem: I have binary file, which should
>be downloaded to client. This file is in unaccessible place on server and
>user must call to script, which do identification and give file only when
>user is allowed to get it. I need to suggest filename to browser. I do this
>in such way:
> Content-type: application/octet-stream; name="file.abc"
> Content-disposition: filename="file.abc"
> Content-length: 100000
> Netscape works fine - it suggest to save file.abc. M$IE suggest fantastic
>name like SDFKJWOD. What kinds of headers I need to use for correct work both
>(or all) browsers?
Hmmmm.... no ideas... sorry.