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Re: PI3's features

Vladimir Litovka schrieb:
> Hello!

>  I'm new to Pi3. Before any downloads and setups I need to know about
> Pi3's features:
>  1) Does it supports SSL?
Not at this time, under development.

>  2) Does it supports HTTP Auth?

>  3) The common Pi3's level of stability and productivity?
very stable, for productivity look at http://localhost/pidocs when the
server is running. Added the features site 'cause you write you did
not got it until now. (without linked resources and graphics but it'll
tell you what you want to know.

>  4) Does it has embedded language (like PHP3 as Apache's module?) If so,
>     can I control HTTP-Auth from this language? And even more - which
>     features has this language: database support, file operations support,
>     socket support, etc?
The Pi3Perl embedded script language is under development too. You can use
Perl 5 (Win32) for the above things too. (www.activestate.com)

>  I'm plan to use Pi3 under Windooze - so I need all of these features
>  supported under Windooze.
>  Thanks in advance :)
No matter

> ---
> Vladimir Litovka <doka@webest.com>, lamer

with regards

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Title: Pi3Web Feature Suite

Pi3Web Feature Suite

This feature suite and tutorial requires that the server is running the featured configuration (Conf/Features.pi3).

If the server was setup and configured using the Pi3Web enhanced interface (EnhPi3.exe) on Windows 95/NT most but not all these tutorial features will be available.

Automatic Directory Indexing

Pi3 has a flexible directory indexing handler called 'DirectoryIndex'. This handler allows many different types of indexes to be created. The following are some examples of customized directory indexing.

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Pi3Expressions are textual expressions that are expanded and evaluated by a built in expression engine. They are used in many places for conditional behaviour or generating dynamic text.

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ISAPI Extensions

Pi3Web supports ISAPI Extensions via the ISAPI20 handler. This is supported on Windows platforms only.
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Support for Virtual Hosting

Virtual hosting, otherwise known as multi-homing is the ability of a single world wide web server to appear as a different site based on a certain factors. Pi3Web supports all forms of virtual hosting: The simplist method of virtual hosting to demostrate is URL path based virtual hosting. Click on the link below to go to 'Server2', an alternate virtual host for this site:

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Clickable Image Maps

Click in the imagemap below.


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Configurable Error Messages

Messages send to web browser in the event of HTTP errors can be configured. Server side includes or CGI can be used to generate more informative error messages.

Click this here to view the error message generated using server-side includes in the event of a 404 (Not Found) error.

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Server-side Includes

Server-side includes or server parsed HTML is a mechanism by which the HTTP server parses HTML content prior to transmission to the client browser and performs substitution on patterns within HTML comments.

Click this link to view an SSI test page.

For further information refer to the SSI handler SendSSI.

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Fast CGI

This feature is not yet documented with examples. View the
FastCGI handler documentation.

If you start a fast cgi application server using something like

cgi-fcgi -start -connect :3333 echo.exe

you will be able to issue a fast CGI request against it with /cgi-fast/FCGI3333.txt/path_info?qs1&qs2.

Test other fast CGI applications:

URL Connects to Fast CGI application at
/cgi-fast/FCGI3333.txt/path_info?qs1&qs2. localhost:3333
/cgi-fast/FCGI3334.txt/path_info?qs1&qs2. localhost:3334
/cgi-fast/FCGI3335.txt/path_info?qs1&qs2. localhost:3335
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User Directory Mapping

This allows user directories to map correctly when requested with a tilda (~) before the user name. See the
UserDirectory handler for an example. The link


Should map to


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Protected Realms (Basic Authentication)

The basic authenication

Click here.

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The handler
ExpressionLogger can be used to generate any number of logfile by flexible criteria and content.

Note that the facility to view the server logfiles has been removed from the 'Features' configuration. If you are using the 'Devel' configuration or the logfile mapping has been re-enabled then the server logfiles can be seen here logfiles.

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