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Re: PI3's features

> 1) Does it supports SSL?
> 2) Does it supports HTTP Auth?
Isn't this the same thing as 1)?
> 3) The common Pi3's level of stability and productivity?
Very Stable. Productivity?  It's not easy to learn, but once you get a hang
of it, it's rather nice.  
> 4) Does it has embedded language (like PHP3 as Apache's module?) If so,
>    can I control HTTP-Auth from this language? And even more - which
>    features has this language: database support, file operations support,
>    socket support, etc?
PHP3 can be run as a CGI.  I don't believe it is possible to be made into a
Pi3 module.  I have written pages using PHP3 as a CGI -- not good for a
high traffic website.
Pi3 has.... nothing within itself.  You can probably also use Perl, ask
Holger Zimmerman, he would know.

I'm currently running Win95.