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Re: Redirect?

> Tim Tullis schrieb:
> After finally getting the hang of setting up an non IP virtual host I find
> myself stumped for what I want to do next.
> I've set up PI3 so that  clients can preview their Web Site prior to final
> publication. I also do graphic design work and work with other graphic artists
> on assorted projects.
> What I want to do is set up PI3 so that it "redirects" to a directory on
> another drive and just shows what graphics are there so that one can download
> them and  have the artists upload also.
Do you need real http-server uploads? If you use Pi3Web on a LAN you could users
let also make uploads to the physical network paths, but online? File upload is
no standard configuration of Pi3Web. Did you read my latest HOWTO I sent to the
mailing list at 06/23/98 where I described 2 ways for uploads with the web
browser and Pi3Web? If not I could e-mail if you request me again for it.

> What is the best/simplest way to implement this?
The "best" way depends on the environment where you're using Pi3 - intranet or
internet? I don't know at this time, try to describe possible and common ways
to setup virtual host and to use them.

I do similar things like you planned on my computer. I configured a couple
of virtual hosts for several software projects I make with Pi3Web. The reason
was to separate the project files but also to use common files in common
physical directories.

If your users access the server from a local network you can use non-IP virtual

Setup hostnames in LMHosts table (c:\windows\hosts) or your local DNS service
i.e.:     peter.mydomain.net     paul.mydomain.net     mary.mydomain.net

All this hosts entries are for the IP address of the LAN node where Pi3Web is
running. Now setup pi3web to use this hostnames for virtual host redirections:

start Pi3Web Server Admin, page register "Non IP virtual hosts". Now do the
following for each hostname:

- enter the name
- enter the physical path for the webroot directory (user's homepage).
  You can use UNC-paths if you have to declare network path names.
- Enter admin email, although optional you must enter it

Press "Add" button. Save configuration and restart server.

When server is running again you'll see under http://peter.mydomain.net/ the
site of Peter or under http://mary.mydomain.net/ Mary's site. If you need more
than one subtree/drive redirected for each host you must manual edit the path
mappings. This is true if you like to have own URL's and physical paths
for user's /cgi-bin/ or /icons/ locations too. In this case you must enter the
mappings by hand in Config.Pi3. Be carefull. If you change something from the
admin GUI later, all manual changes will be lost.

You could use the same procedure in internet environment but the hostnames
you use must be registered domain names. You could also use IP virtual hosts
for both intranet/internet but you have to declare an own IP address for each
hostname. The IP address must be a valid address too.

But what are you doing if you need it for internet and haven't enough IP
addresses or domain names? 

The way is a virtual host by URL - you would call the sites i.e. with
http://mydomain.net/~peter/ then. This kind of setup isn't supported by the
admin GUI, call me back if you like further information how to setup this
by hand.

Similar is the setup of some simple path mappings for user directories.

> Thanks
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