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Re: Another Perl Problem

This was the problem - seems command-line programs like PERL can't see LFN
with spaces correctly. I have solved the problem by moving pi3web to my
/projects/ folder so that it has no spaces, and all mapped cgi folders to
cgi-bin/project_name and mapping them to project_name/cgi_application_name
such as cope/database. this really is powerful. I have just finished
developing the first phase of a simple PERL/CGI database application that
was taking days of uploading, checking, revising, uploading, etc, and the
cost that incurred. Wow. I also solved the .shtml index problem by making
the index.html of localhost a link to all my projects' homepages, including
.shtml ones.

I offically propose that the next revision read index.shtml as the index,

Is there anyway to have .cgi scripts execute as such in document mapped
directories? Maybe by changing mime types?

Thanks for all the help. pi3 is great!
Nathan R Heagy
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From: Holger Zimmermann <zimpel@t-online.de>
To: Nathan R Heagy <nheagy@cintek.com>
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Date: June 6, 1998 12:03 AM
Subject: Re: Another Perl Problem

>Nathan R Heagy schrieb:
>> I have only had pi3web for a few hours, and already it has saved me that
>> much time in revising an SSI design. But, now I'm trying to get a PERL -
>> script working, and am having problems (surprise!). From the command line
>> can successfully run hello.pl with the command
>> perl c:\progra~1\pi3web\cgi-bin\hello.pl
>> but when I use http://localhost/cgi-bin/hello.pl (all the rest of
>> works, incl SSI) I get this error:
>> 500 Internal Server Error
>> The server encountered an internal error while processing this request.
>> The following error messages were logged during this request:
>> [Sat Jun 06 03:12:16 1998 GMT] CGI: Error reading response headers from
>> program.
>> Start of command line is 'perl C:\PROGRAM FILES\PI3WEB\Cgi-Bin\hello.pl
>^^^^^ Hi,
>My idea was - compare:
>perl c:\progra~1\pi3web ...
>A space in cmd-line => 2 parameters to perl interpreter =>error
>The solutions:
>Change Config.Pi3:
>Search all deposits of:
>  CommandLineByExt .pl="perl %p%q"
>Change into:
>  CommandLineByExt .pl="perl \"%p\"%q"
>  CommandLineByExt .cgi="perl %p%q"
>Change into:
>  CommandLineByExt .cgi="perl \"%p\"%q"
>I've tested it with Winperl32 from command line and with Pi3Web and it
>Try to move P3Web into a directory without spaces and reconfigure
>> Any ideas? I have checked my congif.pi3 and it seems ok, it already has
>> configured for perl (that was comming). when I change the extension to
>> I get the same error.
>> Any help is greatly appreciated.
>Hope this helps.
>> Nathan R Heagy
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