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Re: Another Perl Problem

Nathan R Heagy schrieb:
> This was the problem - seems command-line programs like PERL can't see LFN
> with spaces correctly. I have solved the problem by moving pi3web to my
> /projects/ folder so that it has no spaces, and all mapped cgi folders to
> cgi-bin/project_name and mapping them to project_name/cgi_application_name
> such as cope/database. this really is powerful. I have just finished
> developing the first phase of a simple PERL/CGI database application that
> was taking days of uploading, checking, revising, uploading, etc, and the
> cost that incurred. Wow. I also solved the .shtml index problem by making
> the index.html of localhost a link to all my projects' homepages, including
> .shtml ones.
> I offically propose that the next revision read index.shtml as the index,
> automatically.
Hi, pay attention to the following:
The server with setup configuration looks for your main page in the
/webroot/ directory along the following chain of filenames in the shown


The first file from the list that was found will be shown as your main page.
If there's no file from the list in /webroot/ the directory contents of
/webroot/ is listed as directory table.
It was also my first step with Pi3Web to add .shtml to the mime-types and
index file order.

> Is there anyway to have .cgi scripts execute as such in document mapped
> directories? Maybe by changing mime types?
Try to change the following in Config.Pi3:

# ---
# Scripts, WinScripts, FastCGIScripts
#	Handler sequences for resources which have mapped to these
# 	respective types
# ---
    Name Scripts
    Class FlexibleHandlerClass
    Condition "&cmp(&dblookup(response,string,ObjectMap),Scripts)"
Now the standard cgi handler calls the TableHTML handler if mime-type is 
internal/x-directory and the shortened URL path begins with /cgi-bin/.

The handling of WinCGI, FastCGIand ISAPI you could redirect in the same way.

> Thanks for all the help. pi3 is great!
> Nathan R Heagy
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> http://heagy.com


with regards

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