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ANNOUNCEMENT: Pi3Web v1.0.3 Linux and Source Releases

o Pi3Web 1.0.3 Source Release
The full source code distribution for the 1.0.3 release
is now available from the distribution website


You need perl5 and MSVC/4.2 or MSVC/5.0 to build Pi3Web on
Windows NT systems and perl5 and GNU g++/libg++ to build
on UNIX systems.

o Pi3Web 1.0.3 Linux Slackware Release
The slackware linux release (shared library version) has
been released to the distribution website as 


This slackware (3.2) built version has had significant problems 
on other linux distributions and should be used on slackware distributions

o Pi3Web 1.0.3 Linux Static Release
A new statically linked (with a single statically linked 
version of the Pi3Web binary) has been released to the distribution
website as 


This version attempts to overcome library incompatibility problems
with Red Hat and Caldera linux distributions.

o Other Information
These distributions can be unzipped on UNIX systems or Windows
systems (with gzip and tar utilities installed) using

	gzip -cd Pi3Web-XXXXX.tar.gz | tar xvf -

to create a Pi3Web directory tree.

Although 1.0.3 is stable, a 1.0.4 is planned shortly to address some 
remaining bugs.