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Re: More questions and FrontPage 98

Pi3, in general can not be hacked.  I don't believe John would release
something he felt could be hacked easily.  However, if you are hosting
service, and allow people to upload cgi's and ssi's and what have you, yes
that it is very easy to "hack"...    Basically, if you running NT or Linux,
make sure you have Pi3 permissions only to the web directories, and you
should be fine.  No solution in 95.

POP3 is the protocol used for mail programs, like Eudora, to retrieve mail
from servers.  SMTP is the protocol used to actually transmit e-mail across
the net.  I'm assuming that you want to set-up a mail server.  I guess that
answers your question -- goto software sites and search for SMTP, POP3,
server, daemon.  How do you set them up is dependent on the software
package.  And I don't think there is a way around not being on all the time.  

And this is to Quinten Wolfe:  I'll shortly be trying to add FP98
extensions to Pi3.  But since you are running a hosting service, shouldn't
you be running NT w/IIS or something?