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Pi3Web, SSL and https [was: (no subject)]

> I really hate to keep sending these messages and asking questions, but I
> guess thats the only way I'll learn.  Anyway, can Pi3 be made a secure
> server?  someone I was telling about Pi3 on IRC was wondering and I
> didn't have any idea as to whether it could or couldnt.  As always, all
> help and answers are appreciated.
Pi3Web allows adapters to be 'plugged' in to the data stream and so
encrypt data sent and received over the network using a protocol like
SSL (netscape's secure sockets layer). HTTP over SSL is known as HTTPS,
secure URLs start with https://

A great free SSL library is SSLeay (www.cryptsoft.com) from Eric and
Tim Hudson in Australia. I built a little code 6 months ago to integrate
that library into an IO adapter for Pi3Web, it worked just fine.

The problem: I live in the US and export of cryptographic software is
classified as munitions. So I could (technically) be prosectuted for
gun-running if I were to put this code on my website (a small
exageration but in essence true). So I've been seening if anyone outside
the US is interested in the task of developing and distributing Pi3Web/SSL.
As of now this is not available.

Anyone who wants the code I wrote drop me an e-mail and I'll print it out
and snail-mail it to you (cryptographic software is only classified as 
munitions when exported in electronic form - paper is OK).