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Re: Microsoft Frontpage 98 Server Extensions

> Quinten Wolfe schrieb:
> Hi Everyone!
> I am just curious to know, whether I can add Microsoft Frontpage 98 Server
> extensions to the PI3Web Server?

So far as I know Pi3Web only has an ISAP 2.0 handler to support custom ISAPI
extension DLL's at this time, this means no ASP support.
Look at this former mail from the mailing list for the details:


> Since Pi3 allows for the creation of mappings,  I thought it possible.  But
> before I go out and Buy MS Frontpage 98, I'd like to see know if it can.
> It's just another one of those "things"  i'd like to offer my domain users.
> Btw.  I added 42 Domains using the Non-IP Virtual Hosting method.  The
> Through-Put is astounding.  The System is running on a PII 266 with 128 mb ram
> and 16GB Hd Space.  2 3Com 905b 10/100 TX/VX Nics.  CPU Usage is 20-31% EVEN
> with one of my domains that gets ( on average ) 270,000 hits per day.
> If I can put FP98 on it, I will easily gain the market for Web Hosting in my
> area, for being the ONLY ones locally to offer it.
> If anyone is interested, the server is www.texnet.net.
> I hope you are impressed with it's speed.  I sure am.
^^^^ I also. It seems you wanna be an ISP? I'm interested in the details of
the hardware/software equipment and its configuration. Isn't it a problem to
128mb on a PII system since only 64mb are cached due to its to small tag ram
in the 2nd level cache? I read about 45% memory performance drop in conventional
Windows 95 environments.

with regards

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