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Microsoft Frontpage 98 Server Extensions

Hi Everyone!
I am just curious to know, whether I can add Microsoft Frontpage 98 Server extensions to the PI3Web Server?
Since Pi3 allows for the creation of mappings,  I thought it possible.  But before I go out and Buy MS Frontpage 98, I'd like to see know if it can. 
It's just another one of those "things"  i'd like to offer my domain users. 
Btw.  I added 42 Domains using the Non-IP Virtual Hosting method.  The Through-Put is astounding.  The System is running on a PII 266 with 128 mb ram and 16GB Hd Space.  2 3Com 905b 10/100 TX/VX Nics.  CPU Usage is 20-31% EVEN with one of my domains that gets ( on average ) 270,000 hits per day.
If I can put FP98 on it, I will easily gain the market for Web Hosting in my area, for being the ONLY ones locally to offer it.
If anyone is interested, the server is www.texnet.net.
I hope you are impressed with it's speed.  I sure am.