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Re: More trouble

Adam Fast schrieb:
> Well, now I'm having more trouble with Pi3.  I had the old version
> installed and running, then downloaded the new version.  I installed it
> into the default directory, which is where the old version was
> installed.  So, I then modified the index.ssi file to be the main page
> like I had done previously.  Now, it pulls up the old page I had made,
> and I cannot find where it is located.  So, how do I change it to use
> the new one?
^^^^ Hi,
I don't full understand the problem but may be there's some file within
your webroot directory that causes the problem. The foolowing is to read
if you are using Pi3Web in a personal environment and you browse to your
main page with:


The server by default looks for your main page in the /webroot/ directory
along the following chain of filenames in the shown order:


The first file from the list that was found will be shown as your main page.
If there's no file from the list in /webroot/ the directory contents of
/webroot/ is listed as directory table.

So if there's a file 'index.ssi' in the /webroot/ it always will be shown
as your main page and all other files will be ignored.

Try to hit every possible page from your whole /webroot/ contents with
explicit mention of the filename in the url:


with regards

A hint - If you don't real use SSI within your main page use another
extension (.html or .htm) since every .ssi file is extra parsed by the
server at runtime.

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