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HOWTO: Non-IP virtual hosting with Pi3Web 1.0.2 or greater

I don't understand the question 100%, but I'll try and answer anyway
Non-ip virtual hosting is where an additional virtual host is added
without adding a new IP address

Do this:

Install the web server and access the URL http://localhost/
---> see the main page good

Then add an alias for localhost, on NT edit the file
C:\WINNT\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts add the word 'yoyo' after
'localhost' on the same line seperated by spaces.

Now add a new Non-IP virtual host in the server, make the hostname
'yoyo', document root 'yoyo/' and administrator webmaster@yoyo, apply
and changes and make sure the server it running.

Make a new directory under c:\pi3web, call it yoyo, place a new
html file in this directory, call it index.htm

Now go back to the browser - 
	access the URL http://yoyo/ -----> you will see your new index.htm page
	access the URL http://localhost/ ---> you will see the original page

And thats non-ip virtual hosting.


> I am new as a web administrator. I just download the new version of Pi3 =
> ver 1.0.2.
> I tried to configure the "Non IP Virtual Hosts" but when i launch my =
> browser I can seen to get the new address.
> I am assuming that the non ip virtual host is used to give one ip =
> address to a multiple domain.
> Could you help me figure it out if it my config that is wrong or is my =
> idea of non ip virtual host.