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Re: cgi script


oral r thomas schrieb:

hi holger I am fairly new to servers I am taking a class at zdu.com, I would
like to know if there is any instructions how to configure the srever and if
so how can I get a hold of it. one more question
how exactly do I change the command line as you mentioned before.
Sorry If I sound a little confuse.

Thanks once again.

Oral Thomas


There is no problem for me to give you an exactlier description how to configure the server:

  1. Change to your PI3WEB directory
  2. Enter the CONF directory
  3. Open file CONFIG.PI3
  4. find line CommandLineByExt .pl="perl %p%q"
  5. add a line CommandLineByExt .cgi="perl %p%q"
Original the default extension for perl scripts in the Pi3 configuration is *.pl. You can also change the extension of
your script in this way to run it from the server.
If PERL.EXE could not be found in the search path, expand the token "perl" to the full path to the perl

CommandLineByExt .cgi="d:\\perl\\bin\\perl.exe %p%q"

You need an installation of Perl (best WinPerl32) to execute your scripts.(Not contents of PI3WEB package!). Get it from
http://www.ActiveState.com/ if you not yet got it.

I suppose you are using the Win95-version of Pi3Web - that's the basis for my explanations.
Still any questions?

Bye, Holger