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cgi script

Hi john
             I was trying to run a cgi srcipt on the pi3 server this is what
the script looks like.
I would appreciate any suggestions you could make in order for this script
to work.


# a little test cgi program
$cgi_arg = $ENV( 'QUERY_STRING );
if  ($cgi_arg =~  /color=(.*) /)  (  $color= $1;  )
$date = localtime(time);
print  <<__END__;
Content-type: text/html
<html><head><title>The time is now</title></head>
<body><h3>The time is now</h3>
<font color="$color">

500 Internal Server Error
The server encountered an internal error while processing this request.
The following error messages were logged during this request:
[Sun Feb 15 05:10:37 1998 GMT] CGI: error executing CGI program system
specific error code is '193'.
[Sun Feb 15 05:10:37 1998 GMT] CGI: DoExecCGIChild() failed. Error code is
193. Start of command line is 'C:/PI3WEB/Cgi-Bin\firstcgi.cgi'.

Thanks in advance

Rod Thomas