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Re: found problem

> John,
>         I wrote a letter to you yesterday explaining a problem to you about
> links to executable files.  We found the problem.  All we had to do is go
Well I believe you found one of the problems, myself I consider it
inexcusable that you had to reboot your machine to make it stable - even
if MS has convinced folks that this is normal. 

In future if the server (or anything else) hangs badly use taskmanager
to kill it and make sure the process disappears. A bad CGI bug was
causing certain threads to block causing the problems you saw in beta 4.
I've practically rewritten CGI module to clean it up and in the course
of this found the problem. The fix will be released with 1.0.0 which 
I *need* to release in the next few days.

> under control panel, then services, then setup for the pi3web service, then
> choose the option to allow it to interact with desktop.  I thought you might
> like to know just in case anyone else has this problem.  Thanks for your
> quick attention and quick responce.
Yeah I'll post this to the user group so others know - for the record
the bug was a hung response when invoking perl script which in turn
invokes calc.exe on NT. This problem was confounded by problem that
the server didn't die properly when stopped via the GUI (though
taskmanager could still be used to kill it).

> Kevin
> Kevin Slocum