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Win NT 4.0 Server w/IIS 4.0

Hi all,

	There are people out there who might think that Win NT 4.0 Server w/ IIS
4.0 would be a great set-up.  Well, it isn't.  It takes a huge chunk of
memory if  you include the certificate transaction, NNTP, SMTP, etc.  Not
only that, it doesn't seem to accept Netscape username/password verification.

	I'm test running it with 96 megs of RAM, and at one point it took about 40
megs of RAM.  Then I removed all unnecessary components, down to just a
simple WWW and FTP server, and now it takes about 5-10 (keeps fluctuating
for some Microsoft reason) megs of RAM.  The security management suffers
serious problems, since it relies on the NT user database.  Meaning that
you actually have to change the permission on your directories.  And if
parts of you hard drive is not in NTFS, well bye bye security.  There are
also performance issues, etc. etc. etc.  Not a pretty system to play with.

Don't even think about trying it.  It's more trouble than it's worth.