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Re: pi3Perl

> John,
>         I was just on your webpage and saw the section for the perl
> interpeter for Pi3.  The page said to email you for information.  Could you
> email me the information on that when you get the chance.  Thanks a lot!
Well heres the information, its quite usable right now, though I've only
done it on NT (a year ago on done something similar on Linux), its
sort of like what mod_perl is like on apache but its quite a bit better
as you can call the internal Pi3Web API functions from Perl as in..


require 5.001;

use Win32::ODBC;
use Pi3;

# then code a handler to authenticate web users from a database using
# ODBC and Pi3 in ternal API functions...

The only reason I haven't released it is because I've been really busy
and wanted to package it up nice and neatly with some examples before
that. I guess I should just stop procrastinating and release what I have.

Pi3Perl is an embedded interpreter for Pi3Web meaning you can run 
preparsed perl to handle a request - this is about 2500% faster than
an equivalent CGI solution. Also it allows you the full flexibility
to use perl to do whatever you want in the context of a high
performance kernel multithreaded environment (which Pi3 provides). For
Pi3Web this means you can do pretty much anything you want really
fast. Use can also use Pi3 components without the HTTP bits and so write
real other Internet servers (ftp, DNS, mail etc.) with very little code.

> Kevin Slocum (kbs@fibercom.com)